Sunday, 27 April 2014

Brand of the month #01

You'll have to bare with me, as I am still new to this blogging thing. I am intending to do some personal style shoots soon, I promise! But while i get my act together, here's another thing I wanted to get into doing. I've decided to create a "brand of the month" post that 'hopefully' I will keep to every month. The posts will contain my favourite items of the season put together with information on the brand and why I chose it that week. Let me know your thoughts, I'm open to requests and suggestions :)

There are so many wonderful brands out there on today's high street it really was difficult to choose who to post about first. As this particular brand are about to open a new giant store on Knightsbridge London in 3 days, as well as a store on the fabulous 5th avenue in New York, the brand of the month celebrated is Karen Millen. This brand definitely makes me crave the end of student life so it can finally become part of my wardrobe and I am loving this seasons range. If you are as into shoes as I am, I definitely suggest a look at their range! And whats better, In a recent report by the Metro, it has been announced that there will be a change of direction for the global brand. We will still be seeing the beautifully, British designed clothes, but the reinvention will mean that we will soon be seeing a less of a designer price tag on the garments. Fabulous! 

For more about the Metro report on Karen Millen's reinvention visit: Here

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