Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bootea Teatox Review

Earlier this year, I decided to join the craze and try the Bootea Teatox. Although I feel this blog post is a little behind on the times, since completing the 2 weeks, I have had so many people asking me how it went? Does it work? And the most asked question - do you go to the toilet as much as the horror stories say? So if you are interested in my experiences with the teatox programme, please keep reading...

Why did I decide to go for Bootea?
This was something that I decided to do myself whilst I was a full time intern at the British Fashion Council. I felt that my busy lifestyle, the constant buying of lunches everyday and little motivation with my gym membership, it was worth at least seeing if it could do any good for me - whether I lost weight, or just felt generally better in myself. I decided to go for the company Bootea as my local Holland and Barrett stocked them - to me, this showed the company had at least some legitimacy, as well as not having to pay any hefty P&P.

What does the Bootea teatox involve?
For those who are unfamiliar with Bootea - they are a set of teas that you drink which aim to help begin a healthier lifestyle. You get 14 morning teas and 7 night time teas. The morning tea will generally make you feel more awake and boost your body with goodness, whereas, the night time tea will cleanse your bowel with a gentle laxative effect of any badness inside you. The morning tea is a bit like green tea but slightly more herbal and the night time tea is a bit like peppermint tea, but with a strange after taste. Bootea isn't a diet replacement - you are still advised to eat 3 healthy meals a day and 2 snacks. The only thing they advise is that you give up meat for the 2 weeks as they say meat can contain toxins that you are trying to get rid of during the cleanse- so yes, I also became a vegetarian for 2 weeks.

My Review
All in all, I give the teatox a thumbs up!! I do not know if its the tea, the encouragement to eat healthier, being vegetarian or just simply being part of a routine, but I felt great! I lost approximately 5 pounds and my face and skin were looking clearer  and brighter than ever to the point that when visiting my mum, she commented on how great I looked without knowing. 

I stuck to being a veggie for the 2 weeks, although I did cave to a few alcoholic drinks on the weekend. I also didn't get rid of chocolate completely, but just restricted the snacking. Bootea do give you an advised food plan for the teatox, however, as I am quite fussy, I only tried a couple of the meals. Unfortunately, Bootea also do not provide recipes for their food plan either - which although the meals were simple, if you hadn't cooked them before, it would have been helpful to have a guide.

During the teatox, I decided to keep a log of the meal I ate each day. This not only helped me keep track of the tea to but also psychologically encouraged me to remain healthy which meant I felt bad when I ate anything naughty. This really helped as every day I would look at what I had already eaten during the week and either want to get something even better for me, or feel okay about having a cheeky Milky Way. 

I also found that trying to stick to the two weeks made me try new food. Everyday I would think - "What can I eat today"? I was so used to having meat, that it did encourage me to look into new foods - even if this did take up most of my lunch break looking! 

As for the taste -  I had already been drinking green tea with lemon so the taste of the herbal tea's wasn't so dramatic for me. Although, after a week or so, the morning tea became a bit grim to drink. I found myself gagging a little but only because I wasn't used to drinking a cup of tea every morning, I felt like I was forcing it down myself. However, the night time tea, I really enjoyed.

Regarding the un-glamourous poo diaries - It didn't really give me much of a laxative effect at all. In fact, I actually experienced the opposite which came from dramatically changing my diet to vegetarian. This being the case, I was worried that, if I wasn't getting rid of anything, how would I be losing weight? But I still did! Like I said - I'm not sure how it does it -  but it worked for me!

Post Teatox
As it has been a a good few weeks since completing my Teatox, I thought it was worth mentioning how I am now. And just like any fad diet/detox -  I have put the weight back on. I said to myself at first that I would continue being vegetarian to see if that was impacting my weight but I just didn't have the same energy levels that the Teatox was giving me throughout the busy office day. I definitely think that, although the Teatox is a great way to kickstart a diet/health and fitness plan and I would invest in it again, just like losing weight on its own, it is hard to do. My problem was that I didn't have the same motivation and probably got a bit cocky that I had lost so much weight that I didn't need to be as strict on myself any longer. But unfortunately, thats the whole point. This being the case, if I do end up doing a Teatox again, I would definitely try a new method after the two weeks and would definitely advise people to really try and see the Teatox as just a boost at the beginning of a longer term diet/health and fitness plan.

If you are interested in starting your own Bootea Teatox journey or would like a bit more information - you can find it here. I purchased mine from Holland and Barrett here