Monday, 28 September 2015

London Fashion Week: My Role on the BFC information Desk

During London Fashion Week, I went back to the British Fashion Council to help out as part of their temporary team of interns. The role of the interns varies from staffing the showrooms to tweeting catwalk show starts. As I had been working for the company for the year and already knew how things worked, I was based away from the other girls inside the showrooms and was located across the road at The "Lights of Soho" - Usually a private members club, the BFC took over the art gallery for the week and this was where the registration for Press and Buyers took place as well as any information for sponsors and then the BFC information desk which is what I worked on.

It was an amazing few days and it was great to be part of the interns rather than the one running around like a crazy person making sure everything was going smoothly. In previous seasons, when fashion week had been located at Somerset House, the information desk would deal with both public enquiries to designer information and problem solving, but as Brewer Street Carpark is a completely different layout, the public can't get in unless they are an accredited Press or Buyer. This meant that the BFC needed someone to be able to answer any of the questions outside of the main venue. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

10 lessons learnt from being a Fashion Intern

So as you may already know, over the last academic year, I took time away from my university studies for work experience.  This is something that is part of my degree and from completing the year I will gain a "Sandwich Degree" in Fashion and Textile Buying/Management. After months of searching and applying for various roles, I was lucky enough to grab a paid internship with The British Fashion Council. The year was incredible and I learnt so many life lessons as well as being part of some of fashion's biggest events including London Fashion Week itself. But not everything is plain sailing when starting any job, let alone in the crazy fashion world. There is always going to be something new to learn and more experience to gain. So here is my list of 10 lessons I learnt from being an intern in the fashion industry.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

London Fashion Week: Wish List

With only two weeks until London Fashion Week and everyone working hard, preparing their outfits as we get ready to head over to the official new venue in Soho for the first time, I felt this "Wish list" post was needed. This season I am going back to work for The British Fashion Council following my placement year with them. I will be working on their information desk, which as the past two seasons I was the manager of the temp staff, running around like a headless chicken, it will be nice to be part of the temp team. The only down side to this wish list - is it really is a wish list as, unfortunately, temp staff can only wear black. Still, its nice to think about what I would have wanted to wear had I still been working for the BFC! 

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