Saturday, 2 September 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

Hey Everyone!! So worst blogger alert again as I have had this blog post pending for the last week but I honestly haven't had the time to check and complete it, it's been pretty hectic my end. But all exciting stuff and I finally have a holiday booked to Majorca in September which will be mine and my boyfriends first proper beach holiday together, just us. I'm so excited it's unreal. Four years of uni life meant I could never really afford it and going away with my parents just isn't the same as it used to be so one week away has been booked, Majorca, sun, sea, cocktails, happy Katie!! **

So with all things summer holiday in mind, Urban Decay have smashed it again with this gorgeous edition of their 'Naked' line - Naked Heat. Now I haven't actually ever owned any of the previous Naked palettes and only one of their highlighters, but when I saw this palette released on the John Lewis website, I felt it was abit of me and a perfect start to my Naked palette collection. 

The theme of the palette is 'heat', and as you can see in the images, it is all warm toned colours including a mixture of mattes and shimmers. It goes in order of lighter natural shades to your more smokey looks, all with the theme of fire and heat. The packaging is top quality with a sliding cardboard box outer packaging and then a hard plastic case for the eye shadows with a large mirror. The shades are all named and it comes with a double ended brush, which from reading previous reviews, on to expect good things when it comes to Urban Decay brushes. 

The colours all swatches beautifully, "chaser" was a little to similar to my skin colour to show but this would make a great base transitional colour for me because of that. My favourite colours are definitely "sauced" and "he devil", although very different I feel like these would look really cool in an eye look, the shade of reds and really on trend and I believe hey will suit a range of skin colours, especially darker skins/olive skins. 

Not going to hide away from the fact my swatch pictures came out rubbish. This wasn't the palettes fault and more so that my camera wouldn't pick the colours up so clearly but to give you an idea, I guess, in a natural, non ring light settings here's what came out my end using a normal dry finger swatch:

All in all a beautiful palette, I'm so excited to see what looks I come up with! Although it's based for summer and heat, I think it'll be really versatile for the Autumn months too! I shall keep you updated!!

**Once again, sorry it took me time to upload this review, Following my first delay in posting, In the last few days I have been offered a position in my dream career and my life has gone from chilled to busy as!!! Blogging is still a huge passion of mine and I will continue this no matter how busy my life gets! 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

July Beauty Favourites

Hello Lovelies! And a special hello to my new followers who have joined me on bloglovin recently! I hope you are enjoying my slightly improved photography skills - I got a new camera for my birthday and I'm starting to learn it's different settings. If anyone has any tips for using the Sony A5000, then let me know. I've put together a selection of my current favourites that have really worked for me through out the last month, I love watching these types of youtube videos and finding out about products that people genuinely recommend. Let me know in the comments if any of you have tried any of these products to? Or if you have any similar or better recommendations, I'd love to hear about them! 

1 - Dior Hydra Life samples - A little while ago my mum bought me the Miss Dior perfume, and included in the gift bag was various samples of Dior skincare products, including the Dior Hydra Life Creme Sorbet. It's not until recently that I decided to give them a try as I was on the hunt for a good every day moisturiser that worked well with my skin type. This Dior cream is so so soft yet not greasy in the slightest like moisturisers can sometimes feel initially. It feels so silky and light. My only issue I had was that throughout the month, my skin type does change slightly and becomes more oily in my T-zone area. No matter what moisturiser I try, it makes it so much worse underneath make-up - usually I would be better avoiding moisteriser all together during these times. So, when I went to the Dior counter to ask about full size pricing, I took some samples of the gel based moisturiser, which is actually cheaper. I personally so far don't like this one as much, but i'll keep you updated. 

2 - Umberto Gianni Micracle Worker serum - i'd never tried any of Umberto Gianni products before until I saw that boots had a multiple buy offer so I picked up some hair spray and serum to try. This serum has worked miracles on my hair in terms of smoothing down and adding shine. Especially on the ends of my hair where the bleach has dried it out, this serum will sort this out for me and will keep it like this, all day, and even the following day. As i'm writing this I just added some to my hair after straightening and my hair feels so soft! 

3 - Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser/Toner - I picked this up when I nipped to the Coop supermarket one evening when I was having a particularly bad skin day, I just wanted a treat for my skin so bought this for about £2 on offer. I have been massaging it into my skin each evening with clean fingers and then use a cotton wool pad to wipe away the dirt, I do this after taking my make up off inititially with a make up wipe, or on no make-up days when I feel my skin is a little greasy. It honestly leaves me skin feeling so soft and fresh. Not like a face mask does, more like a soft moisturiser but it has cleansed your skin and toned it at the same time. 

4 - NYX Angel Veil primer - If you haven't tried or heard of this yet then you must be living under a rock. It's a little pricey against other NYX products for the size you get but it's worth it as you really only need the smallest amount on the areas of your skin with the most visible pores. It is so soft and is oil free so doesn't add to the problem areas on my more oilier skin days. This product under my make up, makes my foundation last all day without patching up. In the weekdays for work I use Rommel wake me up foundation, and this on its own can smudge off in places e.g. Round my nose, even with setting powder.  Put the angel veil on before and it'll last all day. 

5 - NARS Blush - So the pictures don't do this great justice due to my bedroom lighting but this is actually the Orgasm shade. This was part of my birthday present from my brother, and like every girl and her cat, I can't get enough of it. Previously I was mixing two shades from the Nip & Fab blush palette which makes a great dupe for this. But I wanted something a little more special and I love the tiny bits of glitter, they aren't obvious at all, but give a nice subtle glow. Plus the packaging is so nice! 

6 - Maybeline Fit Me Concealer - I bought this in shade 15 weeks and weeks ago and i honestly did not get on well with it - at least not in the way I would have usually applied concealer. However, over the last month, I have started to just do a small, sort of U shape, at the lowest part of my dark circles under my eyes. I then blend this with a beauty blender, then apply my Rimmel concealer on top. The Maybeline concealer brightens up the dark area and then the Rimmel gives me the coverage. This tip, I actually stole from Laura Lee's youtube video from a while back on how to conceal in collaboration with Maybeline and - it works!! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Benefit Hula Liquid Bronzer Review

Hey Guys!! So how quick is this year going? like seriously. One minute it was my birthday back in June and now its already entering August. Speaking of my birthday, one of the lovely gifts I received was the Hula Liquid Bronzer by Benefit. I am normally a powder bronzer kind of girl, my fav. being the standard Hula bronzer that i've used since a teenager, but seeing as its now part of my collection, and stands out in beautiful packaging, I felt a review was in order, as i'm sure there is more of you out there that would normally only consider powdered bronzing products. 

So first impressions - the packaging is gorgeous. You can see from the pictures, its really eye catching against other products, with a bamboo like effect. On the packaging, the product is described as a 'lightweight texture', 'shimmerless' and a 'natural look that's so shear and seamless' and the directions for use are to smooth onto bare skin or over foundation - easy enough :). The product works with a normal finger pump, similar to foundation. Colour wise, I wouldn't say the product is very dark, more like a tanned foundation colour. This worried me a little as my skin tone is fairly tanned naturally, seeing the colour on my skin made me wonder how much of it will show up whe. I used it with foundation.

Due to the initial colour swatch, my first application idea was to try the bronzer without any make-up whatsoever as more of a facial tan/tint for days when I didn't want to wear much make-up. I used two pumps and massaged it with my fingers across the face, the feel of it was similar to foundation, but the coverage more like a tinted moisturiser but without the sticky moisturiser feeling.  It didn't show as much as I thought it would, but it still gave a subtle bronzed glow which would make me feel more confident going out in public make-upless.

As suspected, with make up, it was hard to see initially as the colour of my foundation was only a few shades lighter. I used a foundation/contour brush to draw on the bronzed area, it was buildable and gave a subtle glow. I did then add my normal bronzer on top, which did definitely add more definition. I liked the way it looked as an every day natural look. I think it would look even better if I had a less full coverage foundation and went even more natural. I also think it would look even better on lighter skin tones, as then you would get maximum impact if you were using it as a contour base for your powder bronzer. I'd also like to try mixing it in with a lighter foundation - I do have one for winter, when I'm a little paler - this might be nice to try with as a subtle tan throughout the colder months. 

To conclude, I think this is a beautiful product in beautiful packaging,  a shout out goes to my girls, Lucy and Jess for including this in my birthday present :) I will probably use this product more on its own that with foundation, especially as having make-up free days is something I am building more confidence with. I'll keep you posted!

Have any of you tried the Hula liquid bronzer? What do you think? 

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Hey everyone!! I wanted to talk to you all about my current favourite no make-up/removing make-up products. As it is summer now we can all safely say make-up drifts from being our best friend and days with nothing on our face are the way forward. But if your like me, your natural pale face with the occasional spot is definitely not the ideal situation to be in publicly. I can't do anything to fix that feeling but I can definitely recommend some of the current everyday favourite products I use to keep my face looking as good as it can be naturally. 

Sorry not sorry but I use face wipes to remove my make-up. I work 9-5 and I go to the gym ay least 3 nights a week straight after work, I cannot and do not have the time always for full blown sink action when removing my make-up. Usually face wipes are the first part to my make-up removal "routine" but for days when I go to the gym they are the most convenient way to take off my face before exercise. The Nivea ones in the pictureS above are my most basic option that serve the purpose and are usually on some kind of offer, but personally I do prefer the wipes that are targeted for acne. I don't actually get acne but I do find that those types of wipes help fight against those annoying hormonal spots or occasional white heads. 

Nivea Wipes - HERE
Clean & Clear Wipes - HERE

Like every blogger and her mum I rave about Micellar water. Especially the Garnier Skin Active Cleansing water for combination and sensitive skin. On a day to day basis, after using a make-up wipe, micellar water is the best way to then melt off any make-up that didn't quite budge with the wipe. It is basically like taking your make-up off for a second time without realise you had any make-up on to begin. I use two large cotton wool pads for each side of my face and my neck which leaves me feeling much fresher than any make-up wipe can make you feel. I have also recently bought the micellar cleansing gel foam by Garnier and I keep this in the shower for washing my face after the gym or first thing in the morning. 

Cleansing Water - HERE
Gel Wash - HERE

After falling in love with micellar water, I decided to buy the Garnier eye make-up remover as well which looks similar in packaging but purple. I don't tend to use this a lot but it is great for when I wear a lot of eye make-up or I partly took my make-up off in the shower an ended up panda eyed. My only complaint about this particular eye make-up remover is if you accidentally use too much it can have a slight oily / greasy feeling that I then have to remove with more micellar water but for I need it for it's perfect and I recommend it to you if you struggle to get off water proof make-up or eye liner.

Eye Make-up remover - HERE

So I'll admit I only really bought the two Nip & Fab products in the picture after social media hyped them up so much, I took a bit of a gamble in which products i'd buy as it was buy one get one free at the time and really didn't know If I made any right or wrong decisions. But I am so glad and pleased with the two products I picked. The daily cleansing pads are amazing for first thing in the morning when I want to freshen up my skin as well as tighten my face especially areas with visable pores. Glycolic acid really targets any fine lines, dullness, spotty areas and oily areas so it really is a great product to freshen up the skin first thing. I use one pad all over my face concentrating on my problem areas the most and It really wakes my skin up. When I don't use them, I really notice the way my make-up keeps and looks during the day as well as how my skin feels as the end of the day. 

If I'm feeling extra and want to look my best, I also use a few pumps of the serum instead of moisturising. This really tightens my skin and makes it feel and look (according to my boyfriend) a lot fresher and smooth. When I have a no make-up day but need to nip out to the shop or whatever, this serum is my go to!

Daily Pads - HERE
Serum - HERE

You may have noticed my lack of moisturiser in this post and as we speak I am trialling a light cream, but my skin can get oily when using moisturiser so I am still in a trial and error stage in my life when I'm figuring out the ideal day cream for me. But my eyes...I have had a lot of problems with my eyes and this includes damaged tear ducts that cause dryness as well as generally having quite deep set eyes that look tired 24/7. Applying this simple boots eye gel every morning or before bed is the best product I have found for applying moister to this sensitive area without any greasy feeling or heavy feeling. Its also super cheap!!

Eye gel - HERE

You've probably all seen the L'oreal Pure Clay masks by now but I will rave about them till the end. They are so good! This is not something I do every day, but once a week depending on my situation or skin condition, i'll use either the detox mask or the glow mask to really make my skin feel its best when its not looking it. The detox mask is effing amazing at it really cleans out your pores. You'll be grossed out by how it looks because it honestly looks like you've got some skin disease exiting your skin, especially around the areas your pores show the most but it really does work!! I feel so so so clean after using this. I have heard it is very similar to the Glam glow mask but a lot cheaper. Then secondly, the glow mask is great for exfoliating and brightening the skin when its looking a bit dull and tired. I tend to use this when I'm having a no make-up day and I want my skin to "glow" and again it really does work. I don't know much about Charcoal and Algae in terms of your skin but with these L'oreal products you can see and feel the difference it makes to your face.

Glow mask - HERE
Detox mask - HERE

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

HUDA BEAUTY 'ROSE GOLD EDITION' PALETTE REVIEW many reviews on this palette have we all read or watched by now? Why is this blogger even bothering with another one... literally its been months since it came out. But, I totally know I am super late on the Huda Beauty Band Wagon. End of the day I  was suffering the poverty of student life for the last 4 years which taught me to ignore any of these Internet made me buy it crazes and just "make do" with whatever drug store make-up was 3-4-2 at Boots. However, now I am finally graduated and I finally have a bit of money to treat myself here and there, which unfortunately for my bank balance and that pesky student overdraft that needs paying off, I now have the funds to feed an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty, including purchasing the gorgeous, limited edition...most expensive eyeshadow I now own - the 'Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette' and, yeah,

When I say Love....i'm in love with the look of it and how other peoples creations with the palette...I am no make-up guru....I literally can't contour to save my life and I still don't really understand what 'baking' is. But what the hell, I went all in and purchased the hefty £56 palette off Cult Beauty and I am determined to learn how to rock these shades as if i'm Huda Kattan herself......haha

So, not going to lie, after watching reviews on the palette I didn't expect a lot from the packaging, but first impressions I didn't see why everyone was moaning. However, after receiving a few more palettes in the post, I can definitely see that Huda Beauty saved their money through cheaper cardboard packaging. This is especially evident when you compare it to palettes from companies like Make-up Revolution which are made of plastic and only cost £10. It is a shame as, like I said, its the most expensive palette I own, but it does look the cheapest, packaging wise.

First impressions, personally, I think all the colours are really nice, they aren't too in your face, and the foiled glitters stand out as really pretty and something I would definitely use on a night out or special occasion. The colour 'Angelic' is 100% my favourite. Seriously, when you swatch this,  it is such pretty pink with an iridescent effect, i literally went "ooooo" when I first looked at this on my finger. My only downfall with the colours would be that I personally feel the colours would suit a darker skin tone, more on the lines of Huda Kattan herself, but I still love them and I still will use all of them. 

The eye shadows themselves do make-up for the price in terms of being different to anything I have seen, although the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette does give you similar colours, there is nothing I have seen that has the textures the same as Huda Beauty. But, as I am no make-up pro I must admit I have struggled in getting to grips with the style of eye shadow. I'm sure you know by now, Huda Beauty worked on making the eye shadows textured with 10 matte shades, 2 satin pressed pearls and 6 3D foiled textures, so they are different to what you may have tried before. The matte and satin textures are more like what you might be used to in terms of normal every day eye shadows but its the foiled glitter like shadows, shown mainly on the top row of the palette that will take some getting used to. The foiled textures are best applied with your fingers as a brush will not pick up how thick these glittery pigments are. They are perfect for once you have finished your general eye shadow to vamp things up with some glitter dabbed on top. It is tricky though, especially if you have nail extensions. However, the matte and pearl shadows are great, they blend easily and they are all the right colours for the current make up trends but nothing too dramatic that will go out of fashion. I did some swatches, but NGL, they don't show amazing on my camera, nor did anyone tell me how hard it actually is to take a picture like this of your arm, but for your reference:

Basing this review on someone who loves make-up but is not a make-up artist, I do think this palette is worth buying, however, I do think there needs pre-warning that this is something that to be worth the money you need to spend some time practising with and getting used to the new textures. £56 is a fair bit to spend on eye shadow, especially as the glitters aren't every day ready. I think the palette is really pretty and makes a great addition to any make-up lover's collection, however, I do think you can live without it...its just whether you'd want to. The palette is limited edition but it has been extended but remains limited edition, it is also something you are unlikely to try with other palettes. I bought the palette after falling in love with all things Huda Beauty and the demand for this palette was so much so that I couldn't refuse it when I saw that it was back in stock. I think its worth a little treat - if you haven't already.

Buy it here in the UK - Cult Beauty