Wednesday, 26 April 2017

HUDA BEAUTY 'ROSE GOLD EDITION' PALETTE REVIEW many reviews on this palette have we all read or watched by now? Why is this blogger even bothering with another one... literally its been months since it came out. But, I totally know I am super late on the Huda Beauty Band Wagon. End of the day I  was suffering the poverty of student life for the last 4 years which taught me to ignore any of these Internet made me buy it crazes and just "make do" with whatever drug store make-up was 3-4-2 at Boots. However, now I am finally graduated and I finally have a bit of money to treat myself here and there, which unfortunately for my bank balance and that pesky student overdraft that needs paying off, I now have the funds to feed an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty, including purchasing the gorgeous, limited edition...most expensive eyeshadow I now own - the 'Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette' and, yeah,

When I say Love....i'm in love with the look of it and how other peoples creations with the palette...I am no make-up guru....I literally can't contour to save my life and I still don't really understand what 'baking' is. But what the hell, I went all in and purchased the hefty £56 palette off Cult Beauty and I am determined to learn how to rock these shades as if i'm Huda Kattan herself......haha

So, not going to lie, after watching reviews on the palette I didn't expect a lot from the packaging, but first impressions I didn't see why everyone was moaning. However, after receiving a few more palettes in the post, I can definitely see that Huda Beauty saved their money through cheaper cardboard packaging. This is especially evident when you compare it to palettes from companies like Make-up Revolution which are made of plastic and only cost £10. It is a shame as, like I said, its the most expensive palette I own, but it does look the cheapest, packaging wise.

First impressions, personally, I think all the colours are really nice, they aren't too in your face, and the foiled glitters stand out as really pretty and something I would definitely use on a night out or special occasion. The colour 'Angelic' is 100% my favourite. Seriously, when you swatch this,  it is such pretty pink with an iridescent effect, i literally went "ooooo" when I first looked at this on my finger. My only downfall with the colours would be that I personally feel the colours would suit a darker skin tone, more on the lines of Huda Kattan herself, but I still love them and I still will use all of them. 

The eye shadows themselves do make-up for the price in terms of being different to anything I have seen, although the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette does give you similar colours, there is nothing I have seen that has the textures the same as Huda Beauty. But, as I am no make-up pro I must admit I have struggled in getting to grips with the style of eye shadow. I'm sure you know by now, Huda Beauty worked on making the eye shadows textured with 10 matte shades, 2 satin pressed pearls and 6 3D foiled textures, so they are different to what you may have tried before. The matte and satin textures are more like what you might be used to in terms of normal every day eye shadows but its the foiled glitter like shadows, shown mainly on the top row of the palette that will take some getting used to. The foiled textures are best applied with your fingers as a brush will not pick up how thick these glittery pigments are. They are perfect for once you have finished your general eye shadow to vamp things up with some glitter dabbed on top. It is tricky though, especially if you have nail extensions. However, the matte and pearl shadows are great, they blend easily and they are all the right colours for the current make up trends but nothing too dramatic that will go out of fashion. I did some swatches, but NGL, they don't show amazing on my camera, nor did anyone tell me how hard it actually is to take a picture like this of your arm, but for your reference:

Basing this review on someone who loves make-up but is not a make-up artist, I do think this palette is worth buying, however, I do think there needs pre-warning that this is something that to be worth the money you need to spend some time practising with and getting used to the new textures. £56 is a fair bit to spend on eye shadow, especially as the glitters aren't every day ready. I think the palette is really pretty and makes a great addition to any make-up lover's collection, however, I do think you can live without it...its just whether you'd want to. The palette is limited edition but it has been extended but remains limited edition, it is also something you are unlikely to try with other palettes. I bought the palette after falling in love with all things Huda Beauty and the demand for this palette was so much so that I couldn't refuse it when I saw that it was back in stock. I think its worth a little treat - if you haven't already.

Buy it here in the UK - Cult Beauty