Thursday, 3 August 2017

Benefit Hula Liquid Bronzer Review

Hey Guys!! So how quick is this year going? like seriously. One minute it was my birthday back in June and now its already entering August. Speaking of my birthday, one of the lovely gifts I received was the Hula Liquid Bronzer by Benefit. I am normally a powder bronzer kind of girl, my fav. being the standard Hula bronzer that i've used since a teenager, but seeing as its now part of my collection, and stands out in beautiful packaging, I felt a review was in order, as i'm sure there is more of you out there that would normally only consider powdered bronzing products. 

So first impressions - the packaging is gorgeous. You can see from the pictures, its really eye catching against other products, with a bamboo like effect. On the packaging, the product is described as a 'lightweight texture', 'shimmerless' and a 'natural look that's so shear and seamless' and the directions for use are to smooth onto bare skin or over foundation - easy enough :). The product works with a normal finger pump, similar to foundation. Colour wise, I wouldn't say the product is very dark, more like a tanned foundation colour. This worried me a little as my skin tone is fairly tanned naturally, seeing the colour on my skin made me wonder how much of it will show up whe. I used it with foundation.

Due to the initial colour swatch, my first application idea was to try the bronzer without any make-up whatsoever as more of a facial tan/tint for days when I didn't want to wear much make-up. I used two pumps and massaged it with my fingers across the face, the feel of it was similar to foundation, but the coverage more like a tinted moisturiser but without the sticky moisturiser feeling.  It didn't show as much as I thought it would, but it still gave a subtle bronzed glow which would make me feel more confident going out in public make-upless.

As suspected, with make up, it was hard to see initially as the colour of my foundation was only a few shades lighter. I used a foundation/contour brush to draw on the bronzed area, it was buildable and gave a subtle glow. I did then add my normal bronzer on top, which did definitely add more definition. I liked the way it looked as an every day natural look. I think it would look even better if I had a less full coverage foundation and went even more natural. I also think it would look even better on lighter skin tones, as then you would get maximum impact if you were using it as a contour base for your powder bronzer. I'd also like to try mixing it in with a lighter foundation - I do have one for winter, when I'm a little paler - this might be nice to try with as a subtle tan throughout the colder months. 

To conclude, I think this is a beautiful product in beautiful packaging,  a shout out goes to my girls, Lucy and Jess for including this in my birthday present :) I will probably use this product more on its own that with foundation, especially as having make-up free days is something I am building more confidence with. I'll keep you posted!

Have any of you tried the Hula liquid bronzer? What do you think? 

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